Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wisdom of Sherwood Anderson 3

“He wrote versions of two novels, perhaps drafts of two others, and incalculable amounts - pages, reflections, dialogues, descriptions, notes - that cannot be categorized or retrieved” (65).

Not everything you write is for the public’s eye. You save the best of your best for that. What is important is that you are writing. Write what is on your heart. Write a much and as often as possible. Let me use this analogy. Let’s say you’re a baseball player and you want to make the major leagues. Can you do that if you never play? Of course not. You have to work at your game, getting better, working on weak aspects of your game. And you’re always up to play. You don’t get better by watching TV while other major league hopefuls are out there working at their game. You have to get out there and do whatever it takes to make yourself better. Don’t beat yourself up because every at bat doesn’t turn into a home run. Sometimes you have to strike out, so you can learn what to change for your next at bat.
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