Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fort Jefferson

One of the great things about life is the unexpected treasures God lays before us. When we get up in the morning, we can have the greatest plans prepared and often we follow those exactly as we planned. But when things take a different turn, it often turns into a blessing.

Well, on a Saturday back in the spring my wife and two youngest daughters spent the day shopping with my mother-in-law. Since my oldest daughter and son were with me and all baseball games were rained out (or I should say, “flooded out), we decided to take an historic adventure. We headed to the Levi Coffin House in Fountain City, Indiana only to find that it won’t be open until June. So, we will come back to that one this summer.

We decided to go to the Richmond Museum because they have some really neat exibits. But, we saw the sign for the “Highest Point in Indiana.” We headed out into the country and drove for mile and miles until we came up on the small community of Arba, Ohio. No chance of finding the highest point in Indiana there, so we turned around. There was a sign going that direction that told us to turn again. I have no idea why there wasn’t a sign coming from the other direction. So, once again we went for miles and miles. We could tell we were gradually going uphill all the way, but there were no signs. Hitting the Ohio lines once again, I decided we would follow the line of colonial forts through that part of Ohio. As you may already know, there was a line of colonial forts from Cincinnati to Toledo, which made it easier for the newly formed permanent army of the United States to make the Ohio Territory safe for settlers. Malarie and Kaleb were up for the adventure, so we headed for our first marker. It was almost like we were on a photo scavenger hunt.

After coming off the country roads and to a main highway, we headed straight for the sight of Fort Jefferson. As you can see from the picture, there was nothing more than a sign, but with a little imagination we could see the fort standing by the marsh lands. This fort was the site of a great Shawnee victory against St. Clair's army. Not until General Anthony Wayne came to "tame" the area did the U.S. forces reclaim this fort.
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