Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Dirge for the Malice Coming Soon

I'm amping up for the October release of my debut novel A Dirge for the Malice.  The story is set in my hometown of Science Hill, Kentucky.  The first half of the book centers around a group of friends and their adventures on Halloween night 1987.  The second half of the book has them dealing with the consequences of invoking a witch's curse. 
To the right is a picture of the back cover of the novel.  I'm reading through the digital proof right now and I just received an email this morning that my hard copy proofs have shipped.  Once I go through those and make the appropriate changes (let's hope there aren't many), the book will be ready for the public.  On a personal note, let me say that I really enjoy this novel.  Even though I've been through it many times now, I still laugh at some of the things that happen and I feel the tension the characters feel as they try to overturn the curse.  I labeled the book as horror, because there really wasn't anything else to call it.  It reads more like a piece of Southern fiction with dark twists along the way.  Horror is my genre of choice, but there is a lot in this novel to appeal to most people, except for those looking for romance elements.  It's written from a 19 year old male's point of view.  So, you can guess where the "romance" lies with him and his friends.
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