Saturday, September 14, 2013

Movie Cave Review: You're Next

I'm going to post movie reviews from my movie cave.  Here's a thing about me and the movies.  If the critics like the movie, chances are that I won't like it.  If the critics hate the movie, chances are that I will like it.  I don't know why that is.  As with any form of art, a lot is a matter of taste.  That being said, reviews will be based on my take on the movie.  Take it with a grain of salt.  Please respond with your own opinion of the movie.  I try hard not to give spoilers, so please don't give any in your comments or they will be deleted.  A person can only see so many movies at the theatre, the rest of the time we have to wait months for the DVD/Blue-ray release.

You’re Next looks like an intriguing movie from the previews.  A family comes together for a weekend in a secluded country home when they are attacked by people wearing animal masks.  That’s about where the intrigue stops.  Once the movie opens, you realize this is a B level movie with substandard acting.  The plot doesn’t quite make sense with how the people react to the deaths of loved ones and the terrors that surround them.  There is definitely a problem when the audience moans at yet another act of stupidity from the characters.  One redeeming part of the movie is that you do find yourself cheering for the hero/heroine.  The problem is that you’re not sure who that is until about halfway into the movie.  The movie serves as a platform for splatter scenes of flat characters that need more development for us to care about them.   Don’t waste your time and money on this one.  Save it for the Blue-ray when all of the movies you want to rent are checked out.  This movie gets 2 bats out 5. 


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